Hay Doun was founded in 2013 and is an Armenian cultural center that stands for the continuation of Armenian tradition, preservation and enrichment of culture. Its goal is to create a home for Armenians living far from Armenia, home where community can meet and socialize.
Its ambition is to bring all the different Armenian communities of Belgium together, bridge the gaps between them and to unite them into one strong, united community.
Hay Doun (Armenian Home) is meant to become a home for Armenians who live outside of Armenia, a place where they can reaffirm and confirm their roots, (re)discover their origins and sustain their traditions and the language and pass it on to the next generations of Armenians.
Armenian community of Belgium is fragmented. Hay Doun has a goal to unite them together under its roof and the logo and all of the visual communications have to communicate that.
The reasoning behind the idea of bridge, is to bridge the gap between Armenians; to bring the fragmented community together under the roof of Hay Doun; to bring Armenians home or to bring piece of home to Armenians; to have a bridge that connects past and future - we remember the past (the traditions, the language, the culture), we preserve it today and pass it on to the future (generations). 
The logo has been inspired by Armenian classic tradition of miniature. The logo is split into smaller parts, that resemble open books. Those form one whole, to emphasize the diversity, plurality and multitude of Armenians. Books represent the classic way of preservation of tradition and knowledge and the traditional way to pass the knowledge and the history from past to future.
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